Values and Behaviors Hero

Values & Behaviors

Growing Good Starts From Within
As Growers of Good, our purpose is to grow a healthier and more hopeful tomorrow, by responsibly making nutritious foods more accessible to all. 
We believe our future is shaped by the choices we make — no matter how small. 

Key Behaviors

Get Our Hands Dirty

Dig in and understand the business.
Stay focused on priorities and drive for results.
Pursue goals with purpose and persevere through challenges.

Cultivate Solutions

Improve processes, products and services.
Take calculated risks to develop effective solutions.
Use data and insights to drive business performance.

Grow Success Together

Create an inclusive environment where everyone feels valued.
Collaborate and promote teamwork to achieve individual and shared goals.
Hold ourselves and others accountable for commitments.



Values - Making the Better CHOICE


Passionately Advocate for Our Consumers, Our Shield, and Our Company


Cultivate a Healthier World for Our Consumers and Employees


Deliver Results while Acting with Integrity and Respect


Harvest New Ideas and Plant the Seeds for Future Growth


Foster a Culture of Teamwork and Open Communication


Challenge Ourselves to Continuously Improve